In The Abyss Beyond Dreams Edit

Bethaneve is a citizen of Bienvenido, who was recruited into the revolution by the ANAdroid Coulan, who rescued her from a life of drug addiction and prostitution. She became the lover of Slvasta and was one of the four leaders of the revolution, along with Coulan, Slvasta and Javier. She rescued Slvasta from death by resetting the Void after witnessing him being killed by Captain Philious, even though Slvasta had already become dangerously paranoid, even suspecting her of betraying him.

In A Night Without Stars Edit

We learn that Bethaneve has accused of treason by her husband Slvasta and sent to prison for 20 years. Much later it is revealed that she was either rescued or escaped, and began working with Kysandra Blair in the fight against the Fallers, and, to a degree, against the government. She has undergone rejuvenation treatment more than once, and has currently infiltrated the higher levels of the government by posing as a scientist called Faustina who is the Chief Scientist of Section 7, the secret police. In this role she is the first person after Florian to speak to the life pod that holds the memories of Joey Stein.

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