Florian is a resident of Bienvenido, an Eliter, about 250 years after the revolution. Being a loner and unlucky in love he took a job as a forest warden and had been living a fairly solitary existence when he encountered the escape pod that housed the memories of Joey Stein and was given the baby clone of Paula Myo to raise and protect from the government. He managed to elude the government and criminal gangs who wanted the young clone, but eventually his luck ran out and was cornered by government forces led by Chiang. However at that point, the Warrior Angel rescued him.

Safe at the Warrior Angel's HQ, he was reunited with his mother, who had never told him or anyone else who his father was. But she revealed that Florian was a direct descendant of the last Captain to hold power before the revolution.

He accompanied the Warrior Angel, Paula, the four ANAdroids and the astronaut Ry Ervine on Paula's expedition to the polar continent to recover the technology aboard the second Brandt Dynasty ship to crash-land on Bienvenido, the Viscount.