Kerensk is one of the Big15 planets, founded by Russian billionaire Sergi Nikolayev. Like the other Big15 planets, Kerensk was founded as an industrial center outside the purview of Earth's environmental laws. Following the Starflyer War and the post-war recession, the industries of Kerensk and other Big15 planets dwindled in importance.

While most of the Big15 planets converted to Higher culture by the time of the Living Dream crisis in the late 36th century, the Nikolayev Dynasty had declared independence. Kerensk removed its representative from the Senate, but retained "observer" status within the Commonwealth.

Geography Edit

  • Kaluga: Principal city of Kerensk. Presumably the capital of Kerensk during the First Commonwealth; by the time of the Greater Commonwealth, it would be the only center of any activity on the planet.
  • Kingsville: Military base established on Kerensk during the Starflyer War. Training site for over 30,000 soldiers inserted behind enemy lines after the Prime invasion of the Lost23. Located on the opposite side of the planet from Kaluga. Although the base was shutdown as Kerensk seceded from the Commonwealth, it was never formally decomissioned, and technically remains Commonwealth territory.

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