The Knights Guardian are a paramilitary group on Far Away founded by Catherine "The Cat" Stewart in 2547. The Knights Guardian were formed from what remained of Bradley Johansson's Guardians of Selfhood following the Starflyer War, uniting the Guardians with the Barsoomians.

As a warrior society with a religious devotion to defeating the Starflyer, the Guardians of Selfhood were left without purpose following their victory in the Starflyer War. The Cat gave them new purpose in a philosophy of strength as virtue; the civilized culture of the Commonwealth, according to the Cat, led to an almost fatal weakness that left it unprepared against such adversaries as MorningLightMountain and the Starflyer. Humans that embrace strength as an evolutionary imperative would survive, while the others would perish. The Cat also joined the Guardians with the Barsoomians, who sought to strengthen humanity through genetic manipulation, culminating in the Advancer culture.

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