Introduction Edit

This site was mainly written by a user (thank you, whoever you are!) who appears to have read the Commonwealth Saga and not much of the Void Trilogy, and none of the Chronicle of the Fallers. In other words, most of the existing pages relate to the Commonwealth Saga. So if you find the world of the Commonwealth Universe confusing, or simply fascinating, you may find some simple pleasure in helping organise this information by adding links, especially to pages that have none at all, categorising, and creating new content, by editing existing pages or adding new pages. Also, some orphaned pages need attention: add links to them, move their content to other page, or mark for deletion.

Ideas for improvement Edit

I (johnfrombluff) don't edit fandom wikis much, or use them. Also, I don't care much for images or aesthetic design, I'm more text (i.e. information) focused. So if anyone has ideas on how to improve the look and feel of the wiki, please discuss your ideas on the talk page. Also, an idea or two on how to avoid spoilers on the articles on characters, events etc. would be most welcome ;-). A simple scheme would be a collapsed table (like the ToC on many pages). An example can be seen in the article for Bradley Johansson. Has anyone got any other ideas?

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